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I've been feeling angsty about how many interactions, conversations, and relationships I'm involved in with powerful, dynamic, sacred women - who are completely BROKE. Broke ass.

They are struggling to pay their rent, needing to land the next client to make their tuition payment, borrowing from family or friends to make ends meet for yet another month.

It hits my Soul hard. As a woman who has been a prolific money generator, a wild money spender, and at times a volatile money steward, I totally get this pain. I spent YEARS healing my money story and working out the kinks in creating flow, allowing myself to Have money, and now enjoying a beautiful flow of money in and money out. I've learned that money is just an expression of the energetic alignment and exchange that your Essence has with life.

If you are stuck in your money situation, it is simply because your Soul is not fully aligned with exchanging with life from the Wholeness of Who You Really Are.

It's not about the money. It never is.

That's why it lands so heavy in my system. When I see these women who I love and root for so intensely, not having the resources to fundamentally ground themselves in safety and security - let alone sustainably offer their gifts in the world... I grieve for what the world is missing without the fullness of their Presence. I see the gaps between where they are and where they could easily be and I feel compelled to offer a bridge.

From this place of Soul Fire within myself, I've become animated by a compulsion to do something.

And so, Soulful Money Medicine emerged - to heal this pervasive dynamic in our sisterhood, and free your energetic exchange with life.

This is a Portal for you to step into a deeper conversation around these issues if you are ready to liberate your Soul to align more deeply with your work in the world.

It's a vital conversation to the life force of each one of us and ultimately the healing of our planet.

It is TIME for us powerful, juicy, shiny women to stop hiding behind the money excuse.

It's time to stop using money as the reason why we don't shine brighter, don't actually do our work in the world, or don't indulge our desires and put ourselves in places where we know growth and magic and beauty will happen.

I look forward to walking this path with you as we cast off the illusions of lack and scarcity and step more fully into the Truth of flow and grace.

The Best Way To Begin Is To Begin


Soulful Money Medicine Includes:

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Your current money situation is just a reflection of your energetic exchange with life.

If you are experiencing lack or scarcity in your money or time container, it is an outward manifestation of what is going on INTERNALLY - the places you are afraid to meet the world in your wholeness, the withholds you unconsciously are walking around with, your old wounds and blocks about safety and security - these are what show up in your compromised expression of and relationship to money.

To make deep and lasting shifts in your financial life, you must make them at the Soul level.

The only way out of the perpetual stuckness and frustration with your money container, is to start treating your Soul and your money as the same thing.

It's a radical conversation that no one is having yet. It is slippery and tricky, and largely hidden from our consciousness.

That's why I've been called to open this portal to a deeper conversation about the meeting of Soul and Money.

Each week we'll excavate these elusive, subconscious constructs that sabotage our ability to generate, receive, and accumulate money.

We'll use money as a portal to heal ourselves at the most fundamental levels. We'll be deeply in conversation with our Soul.

The best way to begin is to begin.

One step at a time we work the rust out of our exchange machinery and start to interact with our lives from the liberation of flow again.

It's not about the money, and it's not not about the money.

Money is not the thing.

Money is just an energy. And so... the curiosity is: "If it's not about the money, then what IS it about?"

Find Out HERE

I look forward to supporting your discoveries.


$497 Once
I'm a Yes


$277 Twice
I'm a Yes


  • Heather Sullivan Bleasdell

    Heather Sullivan Bleasdell

    "I love this class. It really is so amazing - Thank you Jody. When I did the conveyor belt meditation last week, "my people" were so happy to join me that they jumped on and came over to me - no resistance. The image kept shifting from money as the commodity to love. Allowing LOVE to come to me... to let love land and know-feel-allow love in is where the work seems to be, for me. Lately, I have been receiving so many notes of appreciation from clients, students and friends... and recognize this as part of my "money" experience - so special. Jody mentioned "Jumping the Shark" last week, and it reminded me of a blog post I did a few years back.... when I first started offering my FearLess Journal work to groups via the internet. It was SO SCARY.... and now, I am "a pro" at it. It's good to remember what new beginnings feel like and that I have the tools to thrive... no matter what happens"

  • J Hangarter

    Joan Hangarter

    "I've been quiet because this work has caused me to look deep within, find the brew and stir it, and there is a lot there. Moving to the desert, setting up my studio, finding myself alone here, was exciting but emotionally challenging to me as well. Today's class Jody is so profound, I had no idea how deep this work could go. I realized as we began today, i haven't even been available for love, prosperity and joy. I had closed it off, and ultimately that's reflected in my money and relationships. I've been able to see where this new launch of myself has created within me the same fears and restrictions as when I emerged thirty years ago. So I'm working on being present, allowing myself to receive life itself. Honestly such a surprise to feel at what level I have been working my fear, and not my empowered self and to know I am releasing this. So miracles are happening slowly and steadily while this is going on, and I am brewing my next steps. The Desert Heart Springs Angel Sanctuary is being prepared and opening to receive and share love."

  • Anastasia Watson

    Anastasia Watson

    "Thank you Jody for the gift of this course, I can feel the shifts already! And you Vivienne for guiding me through my core event story work. It has deepened my insights and emboldened my spirit to dig deeper and risk joy more playfully! It is amazing - after only the first week of this course, I was invited to speak at a women's conference in India this May! Given the fear of being heard, that made for some interesting moments in my system this past week! It was beautifully however addressed in the very next session. Slowly, slowly I am playing with speaking, writing and being heard without fear. Thank you all for letting me dance with this desire in a safe and supportive space. Sending blessings to you all from Quito."

  • Michelle Pierson

    Michelle Pierson

    "I committed to going through the course a second time as I noticed myself going back into old patterns. Plus you recommended three times so I'm being coachable and listening :) The first time I did the program I experienced a financial and internal shift. But then I got away from things, as it's summer here and got swept up adventuring in nature land :) Now that I'm bringing more focus to this round and actually doing each exercise (like taking notes and following through), I've noticed a significant shift with my financial flow these last two weeks. I'm really being supported with my work and do not need to get a job, hallelujah. The community was instrumental in that and I recently reached out to ask for an accountability partner. That's still in the works. This time I'm playing all in (think that's what you said) and the story about Carolyn was inspiring. Not because of the dollar amount (even though that's awesome) but because of her being all in, that that's what happens. So thank you Jody and sisters <3"

  • Ellie Mercado

    Ellie Mercado

    "Breakthrough! Yesterday I taught a yoga class to a group of empowering women after they had held a weekend retreat for others. I opened it with centering and ended it with a grounding and cleansing meditation. One woman cried at the end as she was holding on to so much during their retreat that she felt she was finally able to let go. Another said it was the best yoga class she had ever taken. And another said she loved how much of me she got to experience and was amazed at how much of my energy she felt me share. The best compliments I could ever want. AND THEN they all paid me more than the normal rate I was asking. I am so inspired to finally create my own retreats here in Bali. Yoga + energy meditation, surf, massages, pedicures, delicious healthy food, coffeehouse dates, sunset cocktails by the beach... I will create the kind of retreat that I will enjoy to experience. Thank you Jody! Thank you sisters for celebrating with me! I didn't even recognize it as a breakthrough until I listened to week 1's call again and saw that that was me! To embody my Essence in a seamless almost effortless exchange in life... what a complete joy to live for. I have tears of joy in knowing that my Essence is ready to meet the world. Yes yes and YES!"

  • Irene Buhler

    Irene Buhler

    "It's 4am, I am lying in my caravan under the starry African sky, listening to Jody's soulful voice guiding me into my root chakra...its cavy and slippery with little fireflies swirling around...she says to turn on a light source... As I'm deliberating between a warm fire or a glowing crystal, my husband wakes up and switches on the caravan lights - boom - it doesn't get much brighter than that :) Thank u for this incredible offering Jody! I am seeing the parallels in my life wherever I turn. The 'finish line'of the course happens to coincide with the end of our house renovations... Thank u for reminding me, that this won't spell the end to all my problems - but that life is ongoing and an eternal exploration. So many insights and aha moments! I am very grateful to finally have been able to afford one of ur courses! Ur honesty and constant inquiry makes me feel held and nurtured and allows me to b kind to myself. In the language I am learning from u: a deep bow to u sister! With all my love from The Crags of South Africa."

  • Michelle Lee Schomaker

    Michelle Lee Schomaker

    "I just finished round 2 with tears in my eyes. Did I even hear class 6 the first time? I know I listened to it. Or for that matter, did I even hear any of them the first time? It's been like a completely different class this time around. If you haven't started your second round, I highly recommend that you do. Today. Don't wait. If you were waiting for a sign, here it is. Do it for your ME that wants to explore further so it can expand in the gifts that are waiting for you. Not at the finish line, mind you, but that have been there all along waiting for you. Namasté"

  • Erica Gjersing

    Erica Lee G

    "I went into this class thinking "oh, my money situation isn't that bad. I pay all my bills and I make a good living. I'm not even sure I really need it." Shortly after the class where we worked on our participation in the current money system, things started shifting for me. I had an offer sitting on my desk for months to refinance my student loans and I finally went and did it - got a much lower interest rate and cut 6 months off the life of the loan. I also went and refinanced some credit card debt for a much lower interest rate. I saved myself $1000's in the long run. And little things shifted too: the bank I have my car loan through called me to see if I wanted to take out anymore loans with them. Banks were literally calling me to see if I wanted more money! Through all of it I realized that money can come to me much more easily than I had been allowing. I'm so excited to go through the class again and see what manifests!"

  • Les Keating

    Les Keating

    "There is a couple that lives above my parents in their condo building and they said they needed a cat sitter and wondered if I would be open to doing it. Very simple and pays some money, so that was great to feel that I was starting to allow some money in. When I chatted with them again they also said they would be going away for 4-6 months and asked if I would house sit for them- rent free, just paying utilities. That felt awesome, and was definitely a big surprise! This course has definitely helped solidify feelings of self-responsibility and being with myself in meditation and energy work. Another key learning piece for me was playing with the balance between the energy work/visualization and taking action. My experience coming into this work was primarily around the law of attraction so I spent a lot of time on the energy/visualization aspect and then sort of hid, waiting for things to seek me out. Now I am feeling much more the importance of taking action and seeing what manifests, as well as what triggers and resistance are still present. It has also allowed me to be much kinder to myself in the process- I think this is partly due to how open Jody and Viv have been in sharing their own process and not pretending that everything is amazing when it isn’t, and that it is okay. I can feel the importance of claiming my own intention and experience so thank you Jody for inviting us to do so! I am so happy to have found this group and I am excited to continue working with this course for 2 more rounds and see what else comes."

  • Carolyn Wyland Colbert

    Carolyn Wyland Colbert

    "Another windfall! You can't make this stuff up. My husband said "why are you always waiting for your next paycheck when you make more than I do??" Instead of getting defensive (my typical response), I accepted his offer to take a look at my checking account. Turns out I was depositing double the amount I needed to, into our joint account for our fixed expenses. He said NO WONDER! We transferred all of the money back into my account which was TWENTY payments. Once again, goes to show how disconnected from my money I was."

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